Wicklow Boat Charters


We offer a range of Sea Tours along the rugged Coastline of Wicklow, “The Garden of Ireland”.

You can enjoy a 1 or 2 hour Tour incorporating the Coastal Scenery, plenty of Sea-Life and many Historical Landmarks. Add a taste of Fishing to your tour or view the Windmills up close in our Wind Farm Tour.

Design your own bespoke Tour Charter or take an Individual Seat for 1 or 2 Hour Trips of all types, Celebrate Birthdays, Events or just enjoy a relaxing trip taking in Wicklow’s historic landmarks like The Black Castle, Travelahawk Beach, Wicklow Head, Caves, Lighthouses, Seals, Guillemots, Terns, and sometimes Dolphins.

One Hour Tour

Take a trip along the Coast from Wicklow Harbour to Wicklow Head taking in the Black Castle, Travelahawk Beach, Brides Head & Beach, Seal Sanctuary and on to the Nesting Birds and 3 Lighthouses of Wicklow Head, the most Eastern point of the East coast of Ireland.

Adults 20 euro, U-10 10 euro
Exclusive Tour Charter 200 euro, max. 12 Pax.

Wicklow Boat Tours

Two Hour Tour

Take your trip further along the Coast and relax for a bit longer with more time to take in the views. The 2 Hour tour is from Wicklow Harbour, around Wicklow Head and on past Silver Strand Beaches to Ardmore point. See the Black Castle, Travelahawk Beach, Brides Head & Beach, Seal Sanctuary, the Nesting Birds, 3 Lighthouses of Wicklow Head, and more.

Adults 30 euro, U-10 15 euro
Exclusive Tour Charter 250 euro, max. 12 Pax.

Taste of Fishing Tour (2 Hour)

Add a little extra to your 2 Hour Tour with a taste of fishing for Mackerel and Pollock. Leaving from Wicklow Harbour, we take in all the scenic sights and sea-life to Wicklow Head. We make strategic stops along the way and try our hand at fishing, a great experience for the young budding anglers whether it’s just a day out or a party every kid loves to fish.

Exclusive Tour Charter 300 euro, max. 8 Pax.

Including Max. 3 Rod Hires.

Wicklow Boat Tours
Wicklow Boat Tours Windmills

Wind Farm Tour (3 Hour)

With many Wind Farm Developments in progress on the Offshore Banks along the East Coast, you can now take a tour to view and photograph these monumental pieces of engineering. Some standing 220 metres above water you will feel small in their presence. A very impressive trip, however, subject to weather conditions.

All Seats 35 euro.
Exclusive Tour Charter 350 euro, max. 12 Pax.

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Wicklow Coastal Sea Tour

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Sea Tours Wicklow

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Sea Tours with Dolphins

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Sea Tour Wicklow Wind Turbines

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Coastal Tours Wicklow

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Coastal Tours Wicklow

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Wicklow Boat Charters

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